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Are you looking for something Universal? Do you need a Great Package with a lot of items? Do you want to get a real good quality Game Asset?

Here comes the HUGE Universal Game Asset Package, which contains more than 5700 Various Items to make any game you want! You can get ALL of my game assets in one package now! Really Universal. Really Various. Really Huge!

For example: hundreds, and thousands of useful, quality sprites, backgrounds, sounds, music, and more!

Let's take a clooser look at the images. You can see the folder tree with detailed description, and some examples of folder content.
There are so many categories. Every items are separated in different folders.

All the Images are Transparent PNG (*Except backgrounds), Cropped, Centered, and Uniquely Separated with their own names or numbers. *Backgrounds have JPG file extension because of their size and usability. You can also find Top-Down, Side View Items, and Isometric Items. And more, and more, and more! About Images, check the Images!

All the backgrounds are both x-, and y-repeat. It's all multifunctional! You can use them as textures anywhere you want, any size you like. Some examples: brick, wood, ground, wall, etc... Real repeat-comatible backgrounds without any glitches or unnecessary lines.

Sounds / SFX (Click here to check the sound samples!)
As images, backgrounds, and every other stuff, Sounds were also created / generated / recorded by GameSupply. There are 2 types of SFX: digital, and real. Digital SFX were made by Propellerhead Reason, and BFXR. Real SFX were recorded by quality microphone at different places, in different situations. Mostly Industry and Production sound effects which can be very useful in any kind of strategy games. Like Stronghold Crusader or Age of Empires 2. All the sound effects are cropped, and normalized. There are no unnecessary glithes, silence or something like this. WAV and MP3 extensions are also included.

Music (Click here to check the music samples!)
In this package you can find 2 kind of music: loops, and simple / single music. Loops are infinite loops, which means that you can play and listen endlessly. The end of the audio perfectly fits to its start. There are more loops than single tracks. Single tracks are also quality and stylish music. Loops are shorter, single music tracks are much longer. You will definitely found something you like in your game.

You can apply this package in any kind of game you want. Doesn't matter what kind of developer you are. Beginner? Intermediate? Advanced? This is definitely a very useful package for everyone with hundreds of useful and various items.

You can find all of my game assets here in one package. If I would like to count the price of every asset included in this package, it's around ~85$! Now you can get this package and the whole content for the minimal part - less than 1/3 - of this price. Around ~25$.

You get a lot of premium content for affordable price. Don't miss this really great opportunity! For the first week it's 25% OFF to make your mood better! ;)

Thank you for reading this LooOoOoOoOooOoong - LoOoOong stuff I wrote.

And finally...

Included Assets & Packages
1001 Space Strategy Items (Listed, 14.99$) - 1st most popular Game Asset in paid!
256 SpaceShips (Listed, 7.99$)
300+ NINTENDO SOUNDS (Listed, FREE!)  - 1st most popular Game Asset in free!
Basic Chess Asset (Listed, 1.99$)
Blocks, Walls, and Obstacles (Listed, 7.99$)
Cars and Trucks (Listed, 1$)
Component Spaceship (Listed, 1.99$)
Cute Cube Shaped Bees (Listed, 1$)
Extreme Crosshair Pack (Listed, 2.49$)
FREE 3 in a row Game Asset (Listed, FREE!)
FREE Construction Pack (Listed, FREE!)
Fruits and Vegetables (Listed, 1$)
Glowin TD (Listed, 3.49$)
Great Chess Asset (Listed, 6.49$)
Isometric Empire (Listed, 7.99$)
Military Vehicles (Listed, 1$)
Steel Works Components (Listed, 1.49$)
Universal Game Toolkit (Listed, 8.99$)
200+ Space Sound Effects (Not Listed Yet, Price Plan: ~2.99$)
40+ Game Background Music and Loops (Not Listed Yet, Price Plan: ~2.99$)
850+ Production and Industry SFX (Not Listed Yet, Price Plan: ~2.99$)
150+ Repeat Backgrounds (Not Listed Yet, Price Plan: ~2.99$)
Top-Down Mini Green Space Units (Not Listed Yet, Price Plan: FREE!)


Buy Now$33.99 USD or more

In order to download this Huge Game Asset you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $33.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Also just picked up this set of assets as I want to use them in games I usually release free. Is there any issue if I was to use them in a game I make to sell?

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Hey there!
Thank you for asking! Definitely no problem. You can also use this game asset in your paid games. Of course! Go for it & share your game with us if you want to! =)

Hi, I just got this, but what is the license? Can I use in web games? That's my main interest.

Yes, of course! No problem! :) Thanks for asking. Let me see that cool game if you have finished! ;)

Thank you for your support!

Have a great day!