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Just purchased this bundle (great stuff btw!), however, on the advertisement it mentioned PSD's, we haven't found any? And we kinda need them, as we may need to rescale, reskin certain assets.

Do you have the PSD's available? 

Hey hey! 

Thanks a lot 4 your support! 

You find them all in subfolders. 

Tip: you have to searching for *. PSD keyword. That will list all the files for you. 

Hope this helps. 

Hello and congrats for your work.

I'm interested by your complete bundle "Useful Game Asset Pack" however after a deeper look to compare, i ve found some packs in that bundle, that are already included in some of other packs from that same bundle.

I.e. the "256 Space Strategy Game Units" pack, "Ultimate Battleship and Strategy Builder" pack and "Galactic Defender Supreme Evo (BattleShipBuilder Unit)" pack seem to be already included into the "Space Ultimate Megapack", the "3 in a row Game Assets" pack, "Isometric Empire" pack, "Military Vehicles (Top-Down Tanks + Trucks)" pack and "Great Chess Asset (Hundreds of Items)" pack seem to be already included into the "Huge Universal Game Asset" pack.

So how many other packs are finaly already included into those 2 packs or into others, and that are so useless dupications to download ? Can't you verify and remove all duplicated items from the "Useful Game Asset Pack"plz ?


Thx 4 your feedback. 

Short answer here:

All packages were paid earlier.

Enjoy free stuff! 

Have a great day! 

Hey! Thanks for the asset pack! I used quite a few sound effects from this pack for my new 2D physics space shooter Stellar Miner.

You can play Stellar Miner here:

Hey hey! Im gonna check it soon!
Thanks for sharing! :)

This is a GREAT pack, one I can see me using a number of times in the future.
I just used it for my entry into the Bullet Hell Jam, for my puzzle style entry.

All Art and Music assets came from this pack. Particularly liked using the outline options, to then add colour to. 
Thanks again, great job!

Your game is great too! Thank you 4 sharing with us! :) 

Hello how are you?

Thanks for the great work with the assets, I wanted to let you know that I used some of them in my game - :). I put you in the credits.

Hello! Thanks for askin' I'm good.  And you? I just changed the main banner on my page. What do you think about that? Is that good?
To be honest I checked your space game and it looks cool but I didn't find any of my game assets in your game. Is that the background? Please help me! And thank you for crediting me! ;)

Hello! I'm fine too.

Sorry for not informing you, for now, in Alpha Demo, I only used some songs that you made available in the Ultimate Space Game Mega Asset Pack, but during the development of the final version of the game, I have plans to use your space ships, backgrounds and some items :).

In the demo, you can find your songs, on the title screen (DeepSpaceA), on the GameOver screen (dark), when you complete the level (winloud) and on the thank you screen (dark2).

About the banner, it's really good, congratulations for the work.

And again, thank you!!

A lot of thanks for your honest & cool answer.
I'll reply asap tomorrow! Thanks 4 your patience ;)

OK, no problem  :)

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Your message reminds me that I have to make better and informative names to my (audio) files :P

No problem for not informing me earlier. Now I understand, thanks. And to be honest I didn't think about it: the sound(tracks). Because you can't see audio in images :P Next time it'll be the first thing that I think :)

You are very welcome mate. I'm happy if you can use my assets in your games and I really hope it's useful for you. Your game reminds me of my very first space (Game Maker) game, very good memories.
Maybe I can find that and send you a screenshot (it happened about ~20 years ago).
What dev tool do you use btw?

Thanks again for your honest comment and the appreciation of new banner. You were the only person I shared it. I hope other people also like it.

And just a funny thing depending on your name. It's AJ To The Moon. I imagined an alternative version of this: MJ To The Moon. And imagine Michael Jackson moonwalking on the moon :D

Just kidding. Have a good night / evening / morning / anything :)

Wow this is a crazy big pack with so many unique items.  The bundle to end all bundles.  Just this by itself is big enough to be a HumbleBundle.  I have two questions if I may, did you make all of this yourself?  What is the licensing on this?  I would like to use this in a SkillShare course I'm going to teach.  I credit all the people who's assets I use and make donations based on how much money I make on the course, but am I also want to know what you're okay with people doing with your assets.  Am I able to give parts of the package to students to download or would it I need to give the whole package or would you prefer I not even use it?

Regardless of your answer, this is amazing man!

Oooooh maaaan! Noooo waaay! :O
Now I realized I forget to reply your kind and long comment :( Please forgive me! Usually I try to write back as soon as possible but the last few months have been very difficult.  A thousand apologies my friend! 

Well! :) First of all: Thanks for your kind words! Your comment was very good to read!
You can use this package for any purposes. Don't worry about it! The whole package is made by me so you have the rights to use it as you want. If this goal is teaching, it is even more inspiring! ;)

Good luck with it and sorry again for the late answer!
And thanks a lot if you may credit / link my page!

Thanks for your response and apologies for my late response as well haha.  It's now a 3 or 4 month conversation!  You really do do amazing work, buddy!  I haven't made the space shooter course, yet but I'm looking to do it soon.  I'll credit you, put up your page (and anywhere else you may want me to send people) and if you or anyone you know wants a permanent lifetime access to the course I can give you as many codes as you like when I finish (everyone has a free month, but SS charges after that, but I can give special links for lifetime access).


saw ur work, it's great

i'm working on a top down game of my own

it'd be great if u could make some art assets for me

i'll give a cut from the earnings from my game

if ur ready i'll send an early prototype of my game

also u can send ur insta username or phone no. or discord or somethin for further chatting

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Hey mate! Of course, I can help you! Sorry for the late answer, I have a lot of work nowadays. I write u back asap with some details. Thanks 4 your kind words & interest! :) 


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Thanks for your patiance again and really sorry for my late answer!
Here's my Discord: ChrisCord#3725
I'm waiting for your message. I try to response asap!

Have a nice day mate!

hi dude your assets are awesome just like you. 

They helped me so much in making my game and I was able to complete my second game thanks to you. I used the GUI from this pack in my game.

I just wanted to thank you for this amazing assets they really helped me a lot

This is my game

Hi dude, I also thanks for your nice comment!

Thanks for sharing your game with me / us.
One of my first games was also a space shooter so long ago :)

Have a nice day!

OMG, this is crazy! I love it

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Thanks Bro! Let's build your ships or a game! :) 

What is the licence? Can these be used in commercial projects?

Yes of course, thanks for asking it! :)

Just bought your 'Faith In Humanity Restored' bundle, great price for so many great assets.

I'm just starting out making games but I didn't want to spend ages worrying about graphics so this was the perfect solution for me.



Hey! Thank you for your honest comment! I like it! :)
That's why I call this Faith In Humanity Restored Bundle. Because there are always great people who appreciate the time, work & effort.
Thanks for being one of them! I really hope you can perfectly use my assets in your game(s) and it fits into your plans & ideas.

I believe there are always good people even the world is almost collapsing around us.
Keep it up man & Thanks a lot for your support! Feel free to share with me if you make any good game of them.
Cheers! ;)

Thank you for your amazing work !
I'm sorry I can't pay, but can I use it for my students' exam ?

You're welcome mate! :)

Absolutely! No problem! You don't have to pay for it because it's free! Enjoy!
If someone donates that is always a gift for me.  Don't feel it necessary :)

Thank you for your honest comment & have a great day!
And don't forget to share with me if your project is ready... =)

Thanks !
I will share with you the games created by my students during the exam, if I don't forget ^^'

Thank you again anyway

Got your bundle...You do some amazing work, bro. Take care, friend.

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A Thousand Thanks My Friend! :)

You also did something amazing! Thank you for your support & best wishes to you Gautams! ;) 

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What's the license on this?

License info here.

Wow beautiful pack! well done! good job!

Thank You Man! Have a nice day! :)

Awesome, thanks a lot.

You're Welcome Bro! Very Welcome! :)