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Hey everyone! Here is my B I G G E S T package ever:

The very very multifunctional....
U L T I M A T E   S P A C E   C R E A T O R   G A M E   A S S E T    P A C K!
8000+ ITEMS +BONUS! 100+ Folders!


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* Thanks! :) It helps other developers to find this package. *

Including: SFX, Music, Background & Textures (ALL X&Y Repeat!), Sprites, Objects, GUI, Buttons, SHEETS, PNG & PSD files, Weapons, Build & Construction Parts, Tower Defense Modular & Cross-Compatible Options, and a lot more!

This asset package includes all of my SPACE related ASSETS in ONE PLACE!
And STRATEGY GAME Assets, TOP-DOWN Assets, SFX, and MUSIC Packages.
BACKGROUND AND TEXTURE Packages. Any kind of BUILD & CONSTRUCTION packages so you can build your own units from THOUSAND OF UNIQUE PARTS!

Endless possibilities! One of the greatest opportunity from GameSupply!
Yes, this is a package which contains very hard work of so many days!
You can do anything you want by using this asset pack. 
For some example in a very small nutshell:

- build your own strategy game (hundreds of game-ready space ships, units)
- build a tower defense game (cross-compatible items, modular solutions)
- build any kind of 2D or side-view game (construction options let you to do this)
- make your own units, and buildings (no matter top-down, or side-view!)
- create your own maps (x and y repeat backgrounds: space, ground, other...)
- create your own menu or GUI (multi-layer gui items + buttons)
- or... anything you want (only limit is your imagination!)

This is definitely impossible to list and detail all the things you can do with it...

(let's check the pictures please, there is a folder tree - i highlighted the main folders:

8000+ Items
100+ Folders

3000+ Unique Parts to Build Your Own Content
(Units, Buildings, etc... anything you want...)
1500+ SFX and some Music (loop and non-loop ones)
700+ GUI Items and Buttons
300+ Top-Down Units
300+ Unique Weapons
200+ PNG & PSD Sheets
200+ Tower Defense Items
150+ X&Y Repeat Backgrounds and Textures
And a lot more other items, gift, and bonuses I don't mention on porpuse :)

440+ MB Package Size
1 ZIP File

And finally...
a Price Plan:

ONLY IN MAY HALF PRICE: 14.99$ (only for very lucky & fast people)
First month (June) : 22.99$ (not bad too for such a great package)
Second month (July) : 25.49$ (it is about a normal price I guess)
Final Price (August) : 29.99$ (just kidding, it will be never 29.99$ :) I will make a good sale in August, because stars are falling, and prices also have to)


If you want an Xtreme Cool New Spaceship,
Check it: https://gamesupply.itch.io/brutal-space-deathcrab

Dear Everyone!

Have a nice day, and thank you for all purchases and donations! Keep up the good work! ;)


Get this Space MegaPack and 65 more for $12.00 USD
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UltimateSpaceGameMegaAssetPackage.zip 449 MB


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Wow this is a crazy big pack with so many unique items.  The bundle to end all bundles.  Just this by itself is big enough to be a HumbleBundle.  I have two questions if I may, did you make all of this yourself?  What is the licensing on this?  I would like to use this in a SkillShare course I'm going to teach.  I credit all the people who's assets I use and make donations based on how much money I make on the course, but am I also want to know what you're okay with people doing with your assets.  Am I able to give parts of the package to students to download or would it I need to give the whole package or would you prefer I not even use it?

Regardless of your answer, this is amazing man!


saw ur work, it's great

i'm working on a top down game of my own

it'd be great if u could make some art assets for me

i'll give a cut from the earnings from my game

if ur ready i'll send an early prototype of my game

also u can send ur insta username or phone no. or discord or somethin for further chatting

(1 edit)

Hey mate! Of course, I can help you! Sorry for the late answer, I have a lot of work nowadays. I write u back asap with some details. Thanks 4 your kind words & interest! :) 


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Thanks for your patiance again and really sorry for my late answer!
Here's my Discord: ChrisCord#3725
I'm waiting for your message. I try to response asap!

Have a nice day mate!

hi dude your assets are awesome just like you. 

They helped me so much in making my game and I was able to complete my second game thanks to you. I used the GUI from this pack in my game.

I just wanted to thank you for this amazing assets they really helped me a lot

This is my game


Hi dude, I also thanks for your nice comment!

Thanks for sharing your game with me / us.
One of my first games was also a space shooter so long ago :)

Have a nice day!

OMG, this is crazy! I love it

(1 edit)

Thanks Bro! Let's build your ships or a game! :) 

What is the licence? Can these be used in commercial projects?

Yes of course, thanks for asking it! :)

Just bought your 'Faith In Humanity Restored' bundle, great price for so many great assets.

I'm just starting out making games but I didn't want to spend ages worrying about graphics so this was the perfect solution for me.



Hey! Thank you for your honest comment! I like it! :)
That's why I call this Faith In Humanity Restored Bundle. Because there are always great people who appreciate the time, work & effort.
Thanks for being one of them! I really hope you can perfectly use my assets in your game(s) and it fits into your plans & ideas.

I believe there are always good people even the world is almost collapsing around us.
Keep it up man & Thanks a lot for your support! Feel free to share with me if you make any good game of them.
Cheers! ;)

Thank you for your amazing work !
I'm sorry I can't pay, but can I use it for my students' exam ?

You're welcome mate! :)

Absolutely! No problem! You don't have to pay for it because it's free! Enjoy!
If someone donates that is always a gift for me.  Don't feel it necessary :)

Thank you for your honest comment & have a great day!
And don't forget to share with me if your project is ready... =)

Thanks !
I will share with you the games created by my students during the exam, if I don't forget ^^'

Thank you again anyway

Got your bundle...You do some amazing work, bro. Take care, friend.

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A Thousand Thanks My Friend! :)

You also did something amazing! Thank you for your support & best wishes to you Gautams! ;) 

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What's the license on this?

License info here.

Wow beautiful pack! well done! good job!

Thank You Man! Have a nice day! :)

Awesome, thanks a lot.

You're Welcome Bro! Very Welcome! :)