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Hi there, thank you so much for making an amazing asset pack like this. I submitted a game for the game jam and used some of the 8-bit clips for my game.


Hi Mate! I'm so sorry about late answer. Lot of work nowadays. Thank you for using my assets and your comment. I'll check your game asap I promise. Have a great day! :) 

Thank you so much for making this asset pack, and all of the other packs! I've seen on a few of your asset packs that commercial use is allowed. Is that the case for every asset you release? Or what packs have limitations? Thanks again!

Hey-hey! :) Sorry for my late answer!

A thousand thanks for your appreciation and message! You can use all the packages for commercial purposes. Thanks for asking, don't worry about it. I also appreciate that if you credit my " " page :)

Have a nice day!

How do I explain this? oh, god. I don't  know ... As in for free? I been wandering in your store and so damn I'm  really  happy . You have many free assets that we use in the way want unlike other that there's license to limit what we can do on assets. As far as I see most of creator (You not included) have much paywall.....Thank you.....🙏🙏I will find more in your store.....

Hey, Dear REJOLU!

I'm so sorry about my late answer otherwise your comment is so kind and thankful :) It's always a pleasure for me to read feedback like this. That's why this whole stuff really worth it! Thanks a lot for your long comment, I really hope you found some game assets you were looking for.  I also thank you for your honest feedback. Made my day! Keep up the good work & share with me if you make a cool game using these assets :)

Hello this is yet another great asset pack from you. I used the ball sprite from this pack in my game and I wanted to thank you for providing such great assets for free.


Thanks for your honest and kind comment bro!
I really hope your game will be very successful!

Keep up the good work!

Hey, just letting you know - the production sound effects aren't named - they just have numbers. This makes finding which ones to use pretty hard.


Thanks for the important imformation... Surprisingly I know it because I made the whole package.
First of all: look the fact it's FREE. Just letting you know... Enjoy & Be Happy to find and use it!
It was a lot of time to record, separate and cut the sound effects and then finally export them.
As a user of free game assets your only task and great mission is to find what you want and assign a name to it.
There are about ~1000 files. This is the reason why you see numbers instead of unique names. This is a massive amount of audio.
If you really want to help me, you can help name the files or a part. I will credit your name / channel / site as a special supporter after it.

Okay, thanks for responding.

You're very welcome :)
Hope you can find the content you looking for.

Thank you mate, you deserve all our respect, and I wish to help you with your project. After the pandimc time ends, I will. 

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Thank you for your honest comment mate! I'm happy to help you. This is what I can do now for people :)
We hope the pandemic time and all the bad things end very very soon in the world. Respect for you too! Have a great day! ;)

Wanted to say this, and here seemed as good a place as any.

You have my utmost respect for what you're doing. I wish I could contribute more than I have.

You have already contributed by writing your honest comment :)
This is much more than any money or anything like this. I see you have a great heart. It's also a very important thing I respect very much.

I honestly wish you have more in the future! ;)

Also just picked up this set of assets as I want to use them in games I usually release free. Is there any issue if I was to use them in a game I make to sell?

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Hey there!
Thank you for asking! Definitely no problem. You can also use this game asset in your paid games. Of course! Go for it & share your game with us if you want to! =)

Hi, I just got this, but what is the license? Can I use in web games? That's my main interest.

Yes, of course! No problem! :) Thanks for asking. Let me see that cool game if you have finished! ;)

Thank you for your support!

Have a great day!