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Thanks for the video. The pack is so rich, seeing it in action helps a lot.

Great work. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you mate & you are very welcome! :) 

hey, what license are these assets under?

Hey There! :)
Thanks for asking!
You can get License info & clear instructions here!  

Thanks for the quick response :)

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Hi, I got it at 100% discount... Can I use it for a commercial game? Thank you. Of course, it'll be in the credits. :)

Hey There! Yes of course! Definitely! Go for it! 
Thank you for using my assets! I hope you'll find them really useful! ;)

And also Thanks for asking and sorry for my late answer...

I bought this kit. I've been waiting for an hour. A confirmation message does not come.

Confirmation message? I don't see you've bought this kit on my dashboard. Dunno what happens :O