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Here comes the Great Chess Asset, the full feature chess kit.

The best choice for the chess lovers!
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This package contains different types of images. There are 5 folders:

  1. Boards – this folder contains 54 different boards , also including the classic and the colorful extreme ones
  2. Frames– this folder contains different style board-compatible frames with letters, and numbers (see the pictures!) 
  3. Pieces – this folder contains 222 each separated – various styled – chess pieces with both shades (dark, and light). There are black and white, and colorful ones. This folder also contains the masks to make your own colors
  4. Samples – this folder contains 6 sample files of how to place your pieces on the board (very helpful for alignment). And some complete “ready to play” sample images
  5. Sheets – this folder contains 59 different sheets in 128×128 standard grid

All image follow the standard of 128×128 pixel. Aligned, centered, cropped.
Each fields are 128×128 pixels. You can place the pieces in it.
(you can see the real size of pieces, and fields on the “real size info” picture)
The complete board is 1024×1024 pixels without any frame.
Frames have 1152×1152 pixels size.
All the images are quality transparent PNG (except some boards – those are 100% quality JPEG because of file size)

Completely 346 files, ~32 MB.

Enjoy! ;)

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Tagsbishop, board, Chess, chessboard, king, knight, pawn, queen, rook


Get this Great Chess Asset and 66 more for $12.50 USD
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GreatChessAsset.zip 30 MB


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Hi, these assets are great! I was wondering what the licence for them are? :)

Hey there! :)
Thanks! You can find the license here!

Thanks a bunch! :

You're Welcome MM! Have a Great Chess Battle! ;)

(1 edit)

Thank you for allowing free as well! What I intend to do is by July 5th, get the $10 bundle for $10 but also before Christmas, pay $20 on the Basic chess set to make up for what I could only pay $0 - $1 for this month. I don't mind buying the same resource twice if the point is to pay you for what I couldn't pay you for before. 

Blessings! Thank you! 


Hello There! :)

You're Welcome, and...

I also thank you for sharing your purpose & plan with me. First of all: You seem to be a very kind and conscientious person! You really don't have to "pay" twice for the same package. Don't feel it & don't feel committed! :) To be honest: I really appreciate any donation or support but I always let people to pay / donate what the really want. This is the main point of this bundle.  So ... as you wish, it's completely your decision. I'm happy if you find these packages useful! And thank you for not forgetting about me in the future! Please let me know & don't forget to share with me if you make a cool chess game by using them! ;)

Best Regards, and...
Have a nice day!

(1 edit)

I'm making a "learn how it all works" game that can be expanded upon when ever I have a little time. I intend to make 2 versions - one that is all safe to distribute to others (no CR material) and then the one for me only with CR material in it that can't be used commercially.  The chess pieces I'm going to have on a table as if they play chess. Right now, I'm not capable of coming up with a Chess AI yet, but maybe in 5 years or so, I'll be able to figure that out. I'm using RPG Game Maker MV, so whatever resources I get, I just reconfigure to fit MV, or use on a Parallax map. Thanks!

.ps The 'buying it twice' is so that I can pay you what I wanted to pay you today and would have because I felt like it. Your resources are that good! Thanks!

Thanks for your detailed reply & explanation! 
And A Thousand Thanks for your Support!
Any Available Screenshots? :)

You are a very kind person! ^^)

No screen shots yet that include chess, but, I do have this one. 

Looks very nice! What's the concept of this lovely little city? :)