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Ooookay... Hello again! :)

So! No new uploads for a while...!?
You can ask me: WHY? And...
What happened to you Chris?

This is a very good question! Thanks for asking!
And my answer is: no, I'm not killed by the Coronavirus. I'm alive!
(fortunately, yet...)

I'm seriously workin' on a complex sapce game project.
I will publish a brand new GameSupply Game soon in the next few months.
 I have less work in my official job because of the coronavirus restrictions.
That's why I have more time for game development.

As you can see: here is a brand new package called Modular Healthbars.
This is a healthbar system I made for this game and now I want to share it with you all.

 * * * * * * * * * *  About this package  * * * * * * * * * *
As you can see there are not only healthbars. You can use them as you want.
So make XP (Experience) bar, or HP (HitPoints / HealthPoints) bar, DMG (Damage), SP (Speed / Spell / SuperPower / SkillPoints), etc... You can make your own ones!

Unlimited combinations and opportunity!

The package contains the following content:
- PNG Sheets (Tranparent Images)
- PSD Sheets (PhotoShop Stuff)
- All separated images you can see in the sheets
(these images are all separated & unique files in different folders)
- Some Examples to see how can you combine these items

Bar categories are the following:
- the bars themself
- the frame or background of a bar
- a frontal sign / shape of a bar
- a frontal text of a bar
- you can also make your own modifications

Enjoy & Have fun to make your own bars in your game! ;)

Thank you for your support!
A Huge Thank you for everyone who supports or supported me!
That's why my assets are free and also will be! :)

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Tagsbars, customizable, health, healthbar, healthbars, Modular, status, statusbar, statusbars, xp


Get this Modular Bars and 66 more for $12.50 USD
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Hey, beautyful artwork! Is there any licence on this project? And can it be used for commercial projects? tyvm :)

Thank you bro!

First of all:
1000 Sorry  for the late answer! :/

Thank you for asking! You can use it for commercial projects. No worries!
Aaaand.... If you give me / my itch.io page to credits, thanks a lot! :)

Keep up the good work, and don't forget to share with me if you are finished!
" tyvm :) "

NP, thank you :)


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You've done some great work here and your other packages you have. You must be very pleased with them. I'm going to take a look through all that you have to 'level up' my work. I'm sorry that I can't contribute at this point but if I make a little dosh (not expecting to :-( ) I'm sure to fire some back at all sides of contributions that I've used.

Your comment is worth a lot more than money! ;)
This is already a great contribution itself. Thanks a lot!

Good luck with your game making & be successful in "level up" your work!

These look awesome! What is the license for them?

Thx bruh! Your profile pic is great too!
U can use it for any purposes. Commercial also OK! ;)


Thanks :)