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Get this ALL - IN Bundle and 65 more for $9.99 USD
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As you know...
All of my game assets are 100% FREE from the 7th of June 2020.

So ... why does this pack have a price?


This is a possible solution to:

- save your mouse from a clicking disaster
- get all the downloadable content in one place
- support me if you like my art & appreciate my work
- give you 22+ extra game asset packages as a sign of gratitude
( you get the whole content of the 1dollarshop )
- help everyone by making brand new original unique free game assets
- you will always get the new updates 4 FREE here if you ever purchase this package

Go for it! :)

I'm so curious... Is there anyone who read this sentence?

Ps.: Don't worry! I always update this bundle after every new asset upload.
Now you can get 60++ Game Asset Packages Here!

Free Samples are available here!

Updated 2 hours ago
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Get this ALL - IN Bundle and 65 more for $9.99 USD
View bundle
Buy Now
On Sale!
99% Off
$999.99 $9.99 USD or more

In order to download this ALL - IN Bundle you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.99 USD. You will get access to the following files: 13 MB
1000+NintendoSFX!.zip 49 MB 16 MB 10 MB 8 MB 8 MB 12 MB 11 MB 17 MB 8 MB 1 MB 13 MB
50+Space 947 kB 1 MB 20 MB 8 MB
BulletProof 1 MB 4 MB 1 MB 734 kB 5 MB 320 kB 2 MB 2 MB 8 MB 8 MB
ConstructionKitMini.rar 3 MB 82 kB 503 kB 1 MB 1 MB 6 MB 455 kB 30 MB 34 MB 102 MB 26 MB 27 MB 2 MB 2 MB 6 MB 12 MB 28 MB 13 MB 2 MB 170 MB 7 MB 33 MB 20 MB 29 MB 27 MB 31 MB 9 MB 1 MB 1 MB 1 MB 449 MB
Universal Game Toolkit (600+).zip 7 MB 1 MB 21 MB 18 MB 22 MB 16 MB 16 MB 32 MB 19 MB
+Bonus Game Assets #1 60 MB
+Bonus Game Assets #2 27 MB

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Great work! Got your "Easter Egg"..:)..I'm sure I will be using these assets somewhere in my work, commercial or personal, will make sure you are in the credits and send you a copy whenever possible..keep up the good work..humanity restored..:)

Hey Bro! Thanks a lot! You got it! :)

I was wondering if anyone would find it and it's very good to see this thing is working. And also good for everyone!

I really hope your game will be successful. Thank you for thinking about me and sending me a copy.
And a thousand thanks for your support! Don't worry about it. You're free to use both in personal and commercial use.

You are one of that kind of people that I made this Faith in Humanity Restored Bundle for.
Keep up the good work too! ;)

I was looking for side view space assets, but still ended up buying this bundle because for its sheer size! I'm 100% sure I'll have use for these on other projects. Thanks for the incredible job, if I'll ever ship any game I'll make sure to mention you! 

Have most wonderful rest of the year 💕

(1 edit)

Dear Carska! ^^)

Thank you for your honest and very kind comment! :)
It was very good to see! If you want I can make you also side view space assets. No problem! ;)
And I really hope you find my game assets useful in your projects!

Also a thousand thanks for your nice comment. Definitely made my day! ;)

Awesome collection you have got here. Just one question, once purchased these assets can be used for commercial projects without accreditation?

Definitely! No problem, go for it! :) 

Thanks for your kind words & your appreciation! 

Make very successful projects! ;) 

Thank You. I am now the proud owner of this bundle. If I ever release games using your assets I will be sure to send you a free copy.

Arigatou Gozaimasu!

You're welcome! Me thanks too! I'm also very proud of my great hearted supporters! :) 

I hope you release your game asap! 

I'm waitin' for that great copy :) 

I just wanted to say that these assets have been really helpful for developing my project.

(2 edits)

Thank You for your honest comment Torkile! :) It's very good to hear!
Please let me see that cool project if ready n finished! ;)

It won't be done for a while but I'll send a copy when it is. Mind you, it's just a small project- one of those endless runner-type games.

(1 edit)

Thank you for not forgetting about me ;)

I love endless runners. Played a lot of Temple Run some years ago.