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Hi there!It's a great work!

 I made a game with your SFX. You can play it here. I hope you have a good time!

Hello! Thanks for your great assets! I'm using them in my game, you can take a look. Hurts sfx was use in enemies when taking damage :)

Hey! Thank you for using my assets. Your game looks cool. I'll check it if I finish my work today :) 

When i checked your SFX i knew that ill be using it! Love how sounds in the game. The game is now free so you can test it and leave your feedback!

Hi, what is the license? Can I use it in a commercial videogame?

Hi! Sorry 4 late answer! You can use it for any purposes. Enjoy Life! :)
Btw thx 4 askin' ;)

Great, thanks!

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I'm a freelancer, if i buy these and use on my projects, will my clients will have the same rights that i'm buying?

Thank you!

Hey Bro! Yeah, absolutely! Don't forget it's FREE but I really appreciate any donation or support. You can use it for any purpose & thanks for asking! Have a nice day & make successful games! :)

Didn't noticed it was free hahahaha.
That's great! I'll be downloading as taking a look when i have spare time, and if i like and start to use in my projects will but the 15$ bundle! 

Thank you and wish success to you too!

You're Welcome Bro! ;)

Hi! Am I allowed to edit/modify the sounds and use them in a commercial game?

Hi There! :) Yes of course! Thanks for asking! ;) 

Awesome! Thank you.

I'm using this for my game JACK 'N' HAT.

I've added you in the credits!

Thank you for sharing & adding me in credits mate! :)
That oldschool style looks really cool! Childhood memories are the best! 
I see you like the old good parallax scroll effect. I also like that!

Keep up the good work and...
Have a nice day! ;)

Haha, indeed!

Thank you, have a nice day too!

hey bro, amazing sound effects you made there!! 

would you mind to share if these sounds can be commercially used?


Thank you bro! :) 

Yes of course, go for it! Commercial use is allowed, no problem. Make a really cool project! ;) 

So, uh... these are original SFX you made to resemble Nintendo games and not actual sounds ripped from Nintendo, right?

Are you seriuos? If it's a joke, thanks it was a good one and you are funny! :)

Otherwise... as you can see all the GameSupply stuff is 100% created by me here. So it was a bit steep assumption.

My short answer is: Right. Of course you can use them in your game and don't have to worry about copyright. 

The sound effects are not stolen. If you have some time, please check it, very useful: